into the fiber of your company

Create a channel now for better communication and engagement loops. Contact us to get started.

Likemoji Helps Your Business Improve Customer Experience

Listen Better • Strengthen Relationships • Improve Products & Services • Attract and Retain Customers

Improve Customer Experience

Listen Better

Give your customers a voice with a custom-branded channel that makes it easy to capture feedback.

Design your channel around specifics that are important to your organization and your customers' experience.

Strengthen Relationships

Collect specific feedback in real time that relates to key points around your business so you always know what matters to your customers.

Easy-to-access crowd-sourced results are routed directly to key team members, empowering them to take action and support better experiences.

Communicate More Effectively

Deliver Better Outcomes

Improve Products & Services

Likemoji can help your business close feedback loops with your customers.

Empower informed decisions with a simple-to-use dashboard that makes it easy to target specific goals and customer experiences.

Attract And Retain Customers

Customer experience is becoming the top differentiator for businesses today.

Studies show that it costs 6-7X more to attract a new customer vs. retaining an existing one and good customer experience is proven to retain your customers.

Retain Customers

Create a channel now for better communication and engagement loops. Contact us to get started.

Likemoji Experience - The Science of CX

Anchor Your Brand

Say goodbye to boring long-form surveys and stay on-brand with easy to use, custom-styled channels that communicate the look and feel of your brand.

Give Your Stakeholders a Voice

Show your stakeholders that their experience matters and make it easy for them to capture the best possible outcomes from the onset of the relationship.

Know What Matters

Rather than a canned survey, create Custom Categories and Attributes to enable your stakeholders to contribute feedback about what matters most to them.

Capture the Moment

Capture quick feedback in real-time when issues are fresh in the minds of your customers, instead of when it’s too late.

Course Correct in Real-Time

Real-Time Analytics help you identify issues while they’re happening and Private Anonymous Chat can help you get things right back on track.

Own Your Roadmap

Quickly identify new issues and quantify long-term trends to stay on-top of experience based KPIs that drive your business.

How it Works

How it Works

Design your custom channel and distribute access to your audience.

Collect real-time feedback, and provide support through 2 way chat and global push.

Analyze real-time trends and support your community with an easy-to-use custom Dashboard.

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What our Customers are Saying

I don’t know what school wouldn’t want this. Just like in the classroom, growth and constant improvement need real-time feedback. Likemoji gives schools that like never before.

Taylor SimmersTahoe Expedition Academy

Customer feedback is critical for brands and gathering it isn’t always the easiest. The Likemoji platform allows us to track and gain valuable insights on business performance and customer satisfaction.

Christina SchwartzTahoe Donner

This is a way better platform for learning about your business and communicating directly with the customer. It's a nice way to get suggestions and improve our business.

David OrrTahoe Mountain Lab