Health Care


You patient's experience matters most, but can often be hard to capture. Open up communication with your patients using a private and anonymous custom feedback channel.


Make patients feel heard and respected by giving them a safe outlet for communication where you can reply in real-time. Collect vital feedback effortlessly with the Likemoji mobile & web apps or with on premise kiosks.


Use our intuitive dashboard to drive decision making and execute important changes within your office/hospital.

Give your patients the experience they expect

We help your clinic put patient experiences first by making it easy to listen, engage and support the things that matter most to your patients.

Quickly take action on what needs attention now and leverage trending metrics to inform future business initiatives.

Create Better Outcomes


Your patients want to be heard. They want to feel that you genuinely care about them, their family, and their experience. Make them feel safe by giving them the opportunity to submit anonymous feedback via an on premise kiosk, the web, or our mobile app.


Don't only collect important feedback from your patients. Show that you are listening, that you are there for them. Close feedback loops with your patients by easily responding to feedback in real time.


Your patient's health is your primary concern. But you also need to monitor the overall health of your organization. Powerful data & analytics derived from feedback can help you make future decisions to improve operations and increase profitability.

  • Patients can share their experience

  • Managers get push notified in real-time

  • Patients and Managers can engage in anonymous chat

  • Managers have access to intuitive dashboards

How does Likemoji work?

How you can use Likemoji to improve patients experience
  • Patients can share their experience via mobile app, kiosk, or web app. Anytime - Anywhere

  • Office Assistants, Nursing Directors and others get push notified so they can respond to patients in real time.

  • Patients and Administrators can engage in private, anonymous chat to address the current experience.

  • Managers have access to a dashboard packed with actionable insights and analytics. From this dashboard, they can learn from easy to read metrics and trends that will help your organization stay on the right track.

Why Choose Likemoji

Patient Friendly Interface

An easy way for your patients to connect as part of their experience. No matter their familiarity or location, feedback submission is simple.

Secured Data

We take extensive measures to adhear to HIPAA standards to protect private health information and keep patient data secure.

Don't leave your patients in the dark, healthcare is an important but private part of the experience.




Start with a template to easily create beautiful engagement channels around key patient topics



Share your channel using a Link, Access Code, or On Premise Kiosk to engage your patients.



Get push notified when feedback comes in and reply in real-time, making customers feel heard and supported.



Use feedback to understand what is important to your patients and keep things on the right track.

What other ways can I use Likemoji within my office/hospital?

Endless Possibilities
  • As a performance management tool for senior and middle management to track patient experience

  • Staff Bonus alignment with service goals

  • Appointment followup feedback requests

  • For specific events, such as new initiatives, meetings, company retreats, or conferences