Human Resources


Give your team a safe outlet for communication using private, anonymous feedback channels so you're always there to listen, via mobile & web apps or with in-house kiosks.


Messages get routed in real-time directly to the managers best suited to respond, so you can make employees feel heard and recognized.


Use anonymous 2-way chat to resolve issues in real time and leverage trending data to inform future strategy and policies.

Be an HR Hero!

Put employee experience first by making it easy to listen, engage and support the things that matter most to your employees.

Use trending charts to help improve you business based on input from those that know it best.

Let Us Do The Work For You.

Manage Feedback Easily

Your employees want to be heard. Let them have a voice in your operations. Make it easier for them to submit anonymous feedback via an on premise kiosk, the web, or mobile app.

Boost Employee Engagement

Likemoji can help your HR Team close feedback loops with your employees. Admins can easily respond to feedback in real time.

Improve Your Workplace

Use intuitive dashboards to help guide future decisions that can reduce employee churn, and enhance productivity.

  • Employees can share their experiences when it matters

  • Managers get push notified with feedback in real-time

  • Employees and managers can engage in anonymous chat

  • Managers get access to real-time dashboards

How does Likemoji for HR work?

  • Employees can share their experience via mobile app, kiosk, or web app - Anytime - Anywhere.

  • Appropriate managers get push notified and can respond to the employee in real time.

  • Employees and managers can engage in private, anonymous chat to address the current experience.

  • Managers have access to a dashboard packed with actionable insights and analytics. From this dashboard, they can learn from easy to read metrics and trends that will help your organization stay on the right track.

Why bother listening to my employees?

Decrease churn, increase engagement

Recruitment and employee replacement costs can be overwhelming and introduce risk to business. Retain your best employees by simply listening to them better.

Better collaboration and community

Transparency is a hot topic nowadays. But how can your organization promote transparency if your staff doesn't feel comfortable discussing important work issues with management?

Using Likemoji, managers can collaborate and respond to employee concerns together and find the best solution for the entire organization.




Start with a template to easily create beautiful engagement channels around key topics for what's important.



Share your private channel with employees using a Link, Access Code, or an On-Premise Kiosk to engage your team.



Get push notified when feedback comes in and reply in real-time, making employees feel heard and supported.



Use feedback to understand what is important to your organization and keep a pulse on your employees' feelings.

What else can I do with Likemoji for HR?

Manage your employees better
  • Performance management - regularly measure a team member's performance

  • Peer to peer recognition/review

  • Get feedback on Meetings/events